IME: Integrating Multi-curvature Shared and Specific Embedding for Temporal Knowledge Graph Completion


Temporal Knowledge Graphs (TKGs) incorporate a temporal dimension, allowing for a precise capture of the evolution of knowledge and reflecting the dynamic nature of the real world. Typically, TKGs contain complex geometric structures, with various geometric structures interwoven. However, existing Temporal Knowledge Graph Completion (TKGC) methods either model TKGs in a single space or neglect the heterogeneity of different curvature spaces, thus constraining their capacity to capture these intricate geometric structures. In this paper, we propose a novel Integrating Multi-curvature shared and specific Embedding (IME) model for TKGC tasks. Concretely, IME models TKGs into multi-curvature spaces, including hyperspherical, hyperbolic, and Euclidean spaces. Subsequently, IME incorporates two key properties, namely space-shared property and space-specific property. The space-shared property facilitates the learning of commonalities across different curvature spaces and alleviates the spatial gap caused by the heterogeneous nature of multi-curvature spaces, while the space-specific property captures characteristic features. Meanwhile, IME proposes an Adjustable Multi-curvature Pooling (AMP) approach to effectively retain important information. Furthermore, IME innovatively designs similarity, difference, and structure loss functions to attain the stated objective. Experimental results clearly demonstrate the superior performance of IME over existing state-of-the-art TKGC models.

ACM Web Conference 2024 (WWW), May 13 - 17, 2024, Singapore, Singapore (CORE A*)
Shirui Pan
Shirui Pan
Professor | ARC Future Fellow

My research interests include data mining, machine learning, and graph analysis.